• Management Team

    We believe in what we do and constantly strive to ensure our “Clients first” standard is maintained throughout our entire firm.
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  • History

    Many firms grow in order to be seen and hopefully be bought up by one of the really big guys….. We grow because we want to serve our clients better.

About Us

The BDP Start

After many years working for a well-known wealth management firm Steven Doyle decided it had lost its focus on maintaining its original mantra of clients first and had shifted towards concentrating solely on its bottom line, Steven and two of his colleagues decided it was time to start their own firm and so BDP Global was formed. They decided that they wanted to grow the firm on strict principles, ones that had been instilled in them from the start of their business careers and ensure that the client’s needs were always put first. They wanted to build a successful firm that stood by its principals they could be immensely proud of.

Bancroft, Doyle & Page Global was founded in 2004 with $35 million in assets under management (AUM). With the clear objective of helping clients and their families steer their way to secure financial futures.

All BDP Global’s focus has been working toward building on this firm foundation. The team has been built around the founder's principles and they all contribute to fulfilling the ever-changing needs of our clients. The whole team constantly strives to maintain these mutual priorities and commitments.

After 12 years of progress, we have grown to become one of the most trusted and successful boutique wealth management companies in Asia. We constantly keeping in view and will never deviate from our founding principles path. Our team is proud to say they have maintained these principles and continue to build on them as these are what started the firm on the road to success in the first instance: Clients always come first. Employees will always come second. Shareholders will always come last.

We maintain a global client base that has a broad spectrum of clients from nurses to CEO’s of PLC’s and everyone in between. Each and every client is given the same level of service no matter how large or small their portfolio. BDP Global are here to help you generate new wealth or protect and manage your existing wealth, wherever you are on the financial road we are here to help you maintain a successful course to your end goal.


Since our inception, our firm has been constantly striving to ensure its clients arrive at their chosen destination in the best financial shape possible and enabling them to achieve their goals. Our aim was never intended to be the largest wealth management firm in Asia, we only aimed to give our clients the most professional, bespoke, sincere and unbiased advice we could. When we invited our first clients to join us at BDP Global we established a cornerstone from where we grew our services to supply all our client’s needs. During our growth, however, we realized that we couldn’t cover all the bases necessary to provide the best available service so we decided that bringing in strategic partners to supply our clients with services we couldn’t offer was the best solution. Today, we are now one of the most highly respected and successful wealth management firms in Asia.

Many firms grow in order to be seen and hopefully be bought up by one of the really big guys….. We grow because we want to serve our clients better.