What We Do

  • A vehicle for every route.

    Whatever assistance you need, be it maneuvering your small business through its growing pains, ensuring that you and your family live satisfying, enjoyable lives well into the future and even after your retirement, or something completely different, we have holistic and unified wealth management solutions to take you down the right road.

    One of the most important decisions you can make in life is choosing the right finance partner to share your vision and beliefs, a partner who sees your vision as their own and will constantly seek to fulfill your goals. Whatever stage you are at on your life’s financial road BDP Global’s team has all the tools to get you to your final destination.

    When you partner with BDP Global, you will gain access to the following services:

    Investment Management

    There are many roads that can get you from A to B.

    Your bespoke financial wealth plan gains momentum via our exclusive investment management team and systems that incorporate broad holistic wealth advice that is designed to help you reach your financial goals.

    Highly dedicated, experienced asset managers capable of achieving your specific goals.
    At BDP Global we are able to draw on our experience and utilize our due diligence process to find team members that fit our strict criteria and can show the following:

    A dependable investment process that can be repeated
    Able to show exceptional and consistent results that span a broad section of market environments
    Strong business acumen
    Able to manage creative strategies for our clients and their wealth goals

    Our selective process starts by understanding what is important to you and exactly where you believe you are in relation to those goals. We look at each and every facet of your financial situation so we are able to select a team who are the best fit for your overall portfolio needs.

    We don’t just put investment opportunities to you and other clients, we actually actively invest in those same opportunities ourselves as we are confident in our selections and due diligence.

    When we discuss your investment blueprint you need to be able to answer the following questions:
    What type of investor do you believe you are?
    What are the type of investments you feel comfortable with?
    What is your risk tolerance?

    Estate & Trust Services

    Let your life’s achievements and planning benefit generations to come.

    Creating a path for your wealth to follow to benefit future generations to come is your desirable wealth plan. Whether you desire your legacy to be left to one of your favorite charities, your heirs or a combination of the two you and your BDP Global team will establish a blueprint together that will meet your wishes while at the same time generating the maximum possible wealth transfer.

    A well-planned estate procedure is capable of delivering on your wishes after death, ensuring that all tax and related costs are kept to a minimum enabling as much of your wealth as possible to be passed onto your chosen recipients.

    Your personal advisor will understand your specific wishes and requirements enabling him to confer with the trusted expert with total confidence knowing he knows what matters to you and what best fits your requirements.

    Your personal advisor will discuss with you certain questions like the ones below to fully ascertain where you currently are and where you need to be:
    • Have you written a will or do you have a trust in place at present?
    • Do you have any potential creditor’s protection strategies?
    • How do your wish your assets to be distributed within your bloodline?
    • Have you arranged any medical directives and/or power of attorney?
    • Do you have one or more favorite charities that you wish to leave a financial donation to?
    • Do you have a clear vision on how you plan to wish your wealth to be easily transferred from one generation to another?

    Insurance Planning

    Every step of your journey needs to be considered.

    When you are looking for the best route to be able to provide the best you can for your family, it’s crucial to cover every angle of your financial health. Your BDP Global team will contain experts who are able to cover every blade of grass in your wealth plan including specialists in insured solutions who will be able to ensure you are fully covered in all the right areas.

    BDP Global are also able to offer additional insurance solutions that are available for individuals and families alike, we have specialists that are able to assist in wealth transfer over generations, business perpetuation, executive compensation, asset preservation and planning for any gifts to your favorite charity.

    Through our experienced team members, we are able to guide you through your insurance and benefit blueprint to create a bespoke solution to your specific needs.

    Because we are a boutique wealth management company that is not assigned to any specific company’s products or plans, we are able to give you a totally unbiased analysis across the full spectrum of all the major insurance companies. This means we are able to evaluate products that are the best fit for you and your unique situation.

    With a strong commitment to focusing on only what’s required and not what will add to our bottom line, we design, audit and set in motion the insured solutions that you require. Everyone has different accumulation goals so we need to ensure we cover all aspects of your insurance needs.

    Retirement Planning

    Your journey continues into the future after your career has come to an end.

    No matter how far along the road you are to retirement, you need to ensure you have your wealth planning mapped out. At BDP Global our team is there to assist you along the way to achieving the lifestyle goals you wish to maintain after you retire.

    We begin to plan by ascertaining exactly where you wish to be at retirement and what you wish to accomplish after you have retired. You may want to purchase a holiday home overseas or take a year away traveling the word in style, whatever your goals we need to build and plan around them now to ensure we have everything in place for you to achieve them.

    We need to discuss various aspects of your retirement goals to ensure we plan to reach them including:

    What are your lifestyle goals after you retire?
    Do you wish to travel extensively or plan on purchasing additional property?
    Will you be transferring ownership of property or businesses after your retirement?
    Do you expect or plan to have additional income streams during retirement?